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wichita falls home inspections
Buyer's Inspections
Needing a home inspection in Wichita Falls or the surrounding areas


A buyer's Home Inspection is our most sought-after service. We work for the buyer, and it is our responsibility to provide you with important information about the home you want to buy. Our unbiased inspection will help you make the best possible purchase because we want you to know the house you love. We offer 2 levels of home inspections to better serve our community.

-Standard Home Inspection: The Standard Home Inspection is considered a more budget friendly service without comprising the service you need. The Standard Home Inspection will meet all Texas Standards of Practice and is designed to be comparable to what our competitors offer at an affordable price. Our inspector will evaluate the major systems of the home such as, but not limited to; the roof, air conditioning systems, electrical service and wiring, water equipment, plumbing leaks, and the inspector will enter the attic and crawlspace, when possible, at no additional cost. A representative sample of doors, windows and outlets will be inspected to provide a general overall picture of the home's condition. The inspector will make note of defects observed during the inspection and provide you with a report. A termite inspection will be completed on the home at no additional charge and a WDI report will be provided to you.


-Premier Home Inspection:  The Premier Inspection is a much more in-depth inspection. The Premier Home Inspection has been our signature inspection for several years. Although a higher cost is associated with this inspection, testing of the homes major systems is systematic and more exhaustive. More advanced methods of inspections will be utilized. The Premier Inspection is designed to exceed Texas Standards of Practice for inspections. The report is more detailed and typically longer. Along with the home's foundation and roof being inspected, the home's plumbing system will undergo more flow testing and shower pan test will be completed. HVAC testing is more extensive to provide you with more insight on the system's performance during the inspection. Testing of 100% of accessible doors, windows, and outlets will be performed. Attics and crawlspaces are always entered whenever possible. Lawn irrigation systems and pools will be inspected, and infrared imaging of the plumbing and main electrical panel will also be completed whenever possible at no additional charge. 

We understand buying a new home can be a stressful and expensive process. Offering 2 levels of inspection is intended to provide our customers with more options to better suit their needs. Your home buying experience should be a great experience and we are here to help. 

Wichita  Falls home inspection for sale sign
Our Wichita Falls home inspection for sellers and the surrounding area


With over 600 homes for sale in our area, the competition when selling a home is fierce. Pre-Inspections are performed with the same standards as buyers inspections, however, with pre-inspections, we work for the seller. We look for potential problems that may hinder the sale of your home. Finding and fixing major issues before listing your home will set your home apart from the competition. Many people believe ignorance is bliss, but that can't be farther from the truth! Although once the pre-inspection is completed, you may have to disclose some issues, the buyer can feel more confident when offering on your home. If you resolve the major issues you as a seller can also ask a higher price since you have taken better care of your home. Often times, we will find issues that are easily corrected, with little or no money.  Many of the deficiencies we find are open junction boxes, double lugging, outlets not working, leaks and other repairs that are simple to resolve. These simple repairs, if left unaddressed can potentially turn the buyer's attention away. A Pre-inspection from Premier Choice Inspections will give you the upper hand in the real estate market so you can rest assured the sell of your home will go quickly and smoothly.

Wichita falls home inspection termite
Termite Inspections
We use only the best pest control companies to do our termite inspection when we complete our Wichita Falls home inspection or a home inspection in the surrounding area. Why? Because we are home inspectors, and you want a qualified professional with years of experience looking for termites, not a home inspector that took a 2-day course to get a termite license.


Termite Inspections are vital when buying the home of your dreams. Here at Premier Choice Inspections we work with only the best pest control companies. Although we are Professional Real Estate Inspectors, we are not pest control professionals. The benefit of bringing in pest control companies is that they have years of experience and their only job is to evaluate for wood destroying insects, lessening the chance of you buy a home with unexpected surprises. We stand behind all our inspections whether it's a Wichita Falls home inspection, Burkburnett home inspection, Graham home inspection or even a Fort Worth home inspection. We don't believe in pretending to be something we are not. We are home inspectors! Another benefit of using pest control companies to provide the termite inspection is, it gives you a qualified professional in your area that you can contact for future pest control needs.



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